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Chimney Cleaning in Queens

The purpose of chimney cleaning/Repair is to remove flammable deposits, such as soot and creosote. In the winter season, chimneys catching on fire are the #1 reason for house fires.

You will have to keep your chimney clean the more you use it.

Ideally, chimneys should be cleaned every year before winter. Cleaning your chimney will avoid chimney fires. There are a few ways to know if your chimney needs cleaning. It will smell like wood burning from the fireplace when it is not in use.

Fires will not burn as well; dark smoke will come in the room. If your damper is black with soot or creosote, there is a thick build up inside the chimney. The easiest time to clean your chimney is during the fall.

The more often you use your fireplace, the more likely you will probably need to do periodic maintenance. If you are not sure how to clean your chimney, call someone who is a professional chimney specialist to assist you with your concerns on proper maintenance.

We  will do an exceptional job, taking care of any potential hazards.

One danger with wood burning is a build-up of creosote in the chimneys. As it builds up, it restricts the flow of the chimney. This causes creosote to thicken in the chimney, as smoke cools faster it condenses. Wood also factors in how much creosote build-up accumulates. The moisture content will affect how the wood burns, controlling the condensation of the gases in the smoke. If the chimney has a good build-up of creosote, it will eventually catch fire. It is recommended to burn seasoned wood. The location of your chimney in your house also has an effect on the creosote build-up. Creosote reduces the efficiency of the fireplace, different woods having an effect of the creosote concentration in the chimney.

The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends that a chimney be checked for maintenance annually, especially for homeowners who use their chimneys on a regular basis.

Adjustments should be made to air vents, interior air settings, dampers and positioning of stoves and fireplaces if any problems are found. It is reported that most build-up of soot happens during seasons of infrequent use. Have a professional check the roof, attic and other storage places to inspect for any irregularities in foundation or construction. Moist weather causes creosote to smell, which is why it is usually recommended to do cleaning after the summer season. Some people find it more cost effective to have maintenance done on their chimneys during the spring season. Many companies produce their prices during the off times of the season, which provides a more affordable, quality clean for homeowners. Once you are familiar with how much soot build-up accumulates in your chimney, you will have a better idea of how often you will need to have your chimney inspected. You can also clean your chimney yourself, all you need is:

  • Drop Cloth for covering fireplace opening
  • Duck tape for attaching drop cloth
  • Vacuum cleaner with attachment hose
  • Chimney rod and brushes
  • Stiff-bristled cleaning brush (Long-handle)
  • Broom
  • Eye protection glove and mask
  • Flashlight
Chimney Cleaning in Queens

Chimney Cleaning in Queens

Chimney Cleaning in Queens

Cleaning Services

Why cleaning your Chimney is important?

And could potentially save you Money!!!

The best time to clean your Chimney is after the winter months, starting from the top. You must first loosened up the top and try to push the dirt or other debris down, you may also find things such as bird nest or other rodents please take caution when you first start to clean. You may inspect it first with flashlight before you start your cleaning process.

Water Proofing

What proofing your Chimney is one of the fastest ways to keep your chimney breathing, if too much condensation is form in your chimney, can cause moisture to build up which can lead to more problems ahead. Sealing your chimney will keep moisture out which can lead your chimney to better air circulations.

Chimney Caps

Chimney Caps are important to keep out debris out, leaves from trees, rodents, bird nesting, can enter and block which will cause poor circulation or even fire. Caps come in different shapes and sizes, Stainless steel to copper

Cleaning Your Fireplace

Your fireplace must be cleaned each time you use it, to prevent dust and ashes from getting clogged up, you can use a Vacuum or Dust pan can be used to help the cleaning up process

Video Scan Services

Some Chimney Professionals use “Video Scan Services” which is the best way to inspect your chimney before any work should be done. With a video Scan inspection you get to see what and where exactly is wrong or clean with your chimney without much risk.

Chimney Sweep

Cleaning your chimney soot (a black substance formed by combustion or separated from fuel during combustion, rising in fine particles, and adhering to the sides of the chimney or pipe conveying the smoke) is very important to help your Chimney Circulation. Other services offer by Chimney Repair technicians – Chimney Sweep, Liner installation, Stove installation, Chimney Crown repair, Chimney Restoration, Repairing your chimney, Fireplace replacement. I highly recommend getting your chimney inspected first by a professional that uses video scan for your chimney, which is safe, fast and reliable. After the Video scan you will get a better idea of what needs to get done and what needs to get fix, you should ask your chimney repair guy for a estimate and timeline for process to be completed.

Chimney Crown Repair

Chimney caps are designed to serve a variety of functions, but primarily to keep the flue dry. The rain cap prevents water from entering your chimney. Rain can damage metal dampers and masonry fireboxes. Moisture very quickly can cause masonry deterioration

Chimney Restoration

Restoring chimney becomes necessary due to wear of the heating elements. In our time, stoves and fireplaces are not used continuously, but intermittently. At this time the cooling of the flue. Because of the temperature drop occurring in the chimney condensation, which contains harmful acids. They destroy the chimney.Restoration of the flue channel varies in cost and complexity. The most radical method – the bulkhead of the chimney. But thanks to modern materials do not have to. Modern materials are not susceptible to the harmful condensation and temperature changes, and allow for repairs .

Chimney Cleaning in Queens

Chimney Cleaning in Queens

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Chimney Cleaning in Queens

Chimney Cleaning in Queens

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